What kind of Person are you?

I was just watching this Hindi movie “Company”(for some 4th time)- starring Ajay Devgan and Vivek Oberoi. It is based on the story of Mumbai Underworld. A crime thriller and one of my favorite as well.


Anyway, this is not a movie review and neither you are interested in listening about 14 year old “AMAZING-THRILLER-SUPERB” movie :P.

You are here because of any of the following reasons-

1- You want to know what this 20 year old guy has to share..


2- You are someone I already know and I have shamelessly requested to check out my new post.

Promoting your brand new blog isn’t a crime, right?! No time for “Maybe or maybe not”.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned this movie is because of one of the very famous dialogue by Ajay Devgan makes quite sense to me NOW!

“Har insaan ke andar ek rakshash hota hai … bas kuch log usse bahar nikaalne se darte nahi”

Translation: There is a devil inside everyone … it’s just that some people are not scared to embrace it.

Now I am trying my best not to get too carried away but just try to understand what I am going to say now.

We all have a good and bad person inside us. Call it god-evil, if you want to. Whatever it is- I believe it’s true. I mean you can’t be good all the time, or with everyone around you. Of course there are some very good and decent people around us who deserve to be treated with respect and love. But sometimes it’s like you only see that side of others-they want you to see. Posing themselves as your well wishers while deep inside they might be hitting you right on your face with something handy for the 20th time. And then there are some people who try their best to act good, think good, do good but they fail when it comes to “think good”. I am talking about those people who have a habit of falling prey to Negative thinking, Victim Mentality, Blaming luck and fate and others. I used to be one of them or maybe deep down I still am but the frequency of falling to this kind of thinking has reduced remarkably.

However, it might be possible that there are times when you hate yourself for thinking too negative or something despising. But you shouldn’t hate yourself for that. That’s not your fault. You can’t control 60k thoughts(approx 50k-70k thoughts you have per day-that’s what the internet says at least) that cross your mind but you do have the power to keep the good ones and let go of the bad ones.

All you have to do is-

1- Get aware

2-Calm your mind

3- Divert your mind and read some great self help books or listen to some good music-anything which changes the way you feel

Such a simple way to a simple life! So easy,right? 😛

I know I know Easier said than done.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are. Good or bad. Positive or Negative. Optimist or Pessimist. You should be really happy. You are not alone-there are so many people like you out there-even the author of this post! And that was the main point behind me starting this blog. Sharing stuff, the way we all often feel and trying to change each others’ life by becoming the change we all want to see in others.

Trying not to go in deep, all I can say is if you are someone who often thinks negatively or complains a lot or bangs their fist when something doesn’t goes as planned-You are at the right place. This is where you are supposed to be right now. Sitting right in front of your laptop/mobile/tablet and reading this line in BOLD ITALIC. This is “THE MOMENT” you have to be in-Not dwelling on the past or worrying about future. Hope you are appreciating the importance of this moment. In case you are not, umm..Poor you. Lol!

If you’re currently struggling in life and don’t know how to express your feelings then this is the place you need to be, for we will work together and we will work it out. And if you’re living the perfect life you imagined then well you can still visit this blog and help others because anyway it’s a good habit to make someone happy. And by the way each and every view/comment/share-makes me happy 😛

Enough of sugary stuff.


Let’s get to the conclusion: Accept yourself. The way you are. Because you can’t overcome something you refuse to confront.Remember that!

However, there are things you really can’t change even if you choose to confront like Confronting the teacher after you have given wrong answer with full confidence and enthusiasm-won’t make you less dumb in front of her 😛

More articles on the way. If you want me to share my views(general) or write on any topic of your choice, you can comment below.

p.s- I hope you do appreciate the way I started talking about the movie “Company” and ended up talking about your thoughts. That’s cool, right?!

Just in case you didn’t know-

Sharing is Caring!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.


18 thoughts on “What kind of Person are you?

Add yours

  1. Tysm….nw m feeling m not the only one who overthink negative thoughts….yr post is vry inspiring as i ws going in deprssn…happiness or sorrow nothing last forever…..yes this is not the end of my lyf n i can be a normal person tysm fr helping me 😊


  2. Its good to see that you are not afraid of penning down your thoughts. You never know how helpful this post might become someday for someone.Nice Work . Keep going and all the best

    Liked by 1 person

  3. People in this world just doesn’t want to accept themselves as what they r nd spend their whole life in trying to chnge them according to others bt they forget that everyone in dis world is unique snd special……may b i m d one ……
    I m happy that u r writng smethng which could help everyone in accepting themselves👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

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