Whenever I hear this word “Complicated”-the first thing that comes to my mind is a picture of a messy Web of negative and positive thoughts-with my inner peace stuck at center of the web.

And I am pretty sure-I am not the only one. There are thousands of people like me out there-stuck in almost same situation.

One of the most complicated thing you will ever hear about is-LIFE. Our Lives. And this is something we all tell each other. But the thing is if anyone is to blame for all the so called complications-it’s US.

As I said in my last post, we all are responsible for our life. So, whatever the choices you have made so far, decisions you have taken till now-right or wrong-if anyone is responsible then it’s You! 

And it really doesn’t matter how much you think about it or overthink about it or feel bad about all these complicated stuff-You stay stuck in this complicated life-unless of course you get up and decide to take charge of your life.

Accept the fact-Life is complicated or you have made it complicated. Now sit alone, take a piece of paper and think of all the areas where you think- “It’s complicated”.

Now if you can change the situation- change it. Take appropriate steps. Do not Rush. Have patience. Everything will fall into place-just do your best.

But, if the situation is beyond your control- then accept it. And get over it. It will surely take time. But life is too short to waste on complicated situations or on people.

Always try to simplify your life-no matter how old you are or where you are!

Hope it helps!

Thank you



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