The inability to take a decision or in simple terms, the inability to choose between given options is- Confusion.

Sometimes, it also means unsurety about life or the events happening around us.

Most of us, live our lives in confusion. It’s very rare when you are crystal clear about your dreams, your goals, your values, your life principles and your direction in life.

We often hear statements like this- “He is such a confused guy” or “She looks confused”. It’s very easy to say stuff like that for somebody else. But what about you? Are your goals clear? What about your career plans? What about your values?


Anyway, confusion is not a very good trait as well all know. Mainly, because a confused person will always say NO to an offer, an opportunity-a chance to grow just because he is not sure(confused) and so he chooses to remain in his shell-the familiar comfort area-or call it “Playing it safe”.

So, what really causes confusion is in the first place?

There are many reasons like-

1- Lack of Self Confidence– A person who has low or zero confidence in himself will never ever be able to take his own decisions. Hence when confronted with a choice-he will always ask for help.

2- Lack of Awareness– A person who is not fully aware of his surroundings/environment/trends/general stuff will get confused when something related to this will come up. Reason being he has no knowledge of what’s good for him and what’s not-He too will ask for help from others’.

3- Bad Past Experience– Suppose a person took a wrong decision in the past related to xyz thing, now the next time when he will face any query related to that “xyz”, he will get scared and naturally, seek help from others’.

4- Doesn’t really know himself– This is crucial from overall growth point of view. Since a person who is not aware of his strength, weakness, his needs will never ever be able to take his own decisions.

These are some 4 reasons which lead to Confusion in day-to-day life.

Now how to find solution?

The first and foremost step towards facing confusion and gaining clarity is-TO SIT calmly in a peaceful environment. This is the most crucial step because unless your inner self is calm, you cannot look inside for solutions to your problems!

Once you are at peace with yourself, think about the situation and then think of the solutions.

Or if you know someone who gets confused at every point of time or is unable to take his own decisions, help him in removing all sorts of confusion from his life.

Thank you!



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