This word defines me so well.

Sometimes, I think most of my life problems are because of this only. My stubbornness.

Even you are stubborn. And I will prove it to you.

There are so many difficult things in this “complicated” life. So many dilemmas. But one of the most toughest decision you will ever make is- To decide whether to let go or hold onto someone.

Think about it. What I just wrote does not only apply to relations-friendships but to other spheres of life as well but here I will only discuss about the relations-friendship part.

Suppose there is a friend of yours who is not treating you properly, paying you attention and all that stuff which makes you feel unimportant. However, you still talk to that friend-because your friendship with that person-is true and real. You can’t or say don’t want to remove that friend from your life-Irrespective of how badly you get treated!

You have tried everything to change the way things are getting now but still nothing helps. You have had those way long conversations or say peace talks but nothing really helps! You get irritated or annoyed or say hurt and you block that friend from everywhere for a “temporary period”- Because you believe you can’t live without that friend.

When you get back to normal, all the heat and hurt gone, you start again. Thinking of the different ways to set everything right. But you fail-again and again.

Now the reason you fail again and again is not because you are not genuinely trying or giving 100%. It’s because you only have control over yourself-Not over situations or people.

Absorb this. It will take time but it’s worth it.

Now you see-You are stubborn too.

Stubborn because you are holding onto someone who doesn’t want to change or wants you to be a part of their life. For your betterment only, it would be best to let that “not-so-friendly” friend go but your stubbornness level is too high!

Remember: Friendships/Relations only work when there is equal contribution from both the sides. Because they are not “One-Person” thing.

I am not saying this is all so easy. All I am saying is, it’s one of the toughest things you will ever have to do but in the long run- It’s the right thing. Though the situation may vary from person to person but deep inside we all know- what’s right and what’s not!

So, the next time you tell someone “I am not stubborn”. Think before you speak because you might have faced situation like that at some point of time.

Thank you!




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