via Daily Prompt: Carry

Carry- a word which means to support or bear the weight of something while moving.

We all carry something or the other. I am not talking about the visible things like Files, Bags or laptops or mobile phones-Not the ones which we can take off anytime.

I am talking about the guilt, regret, resentment, anger, bitterness that we carry in day- to-day life towards someone.

Call them feelings or “invisible” stuff- Stuff which is not be visible in this physical world but has the maximum weight than any of the “visible” things.

That weight or say heaviness you feel inside-stuffed inside your chest. You see, everyone has a story to tell. Some people can’t forgive and there are some who don’t want to forgive someone for hurting them in the past.

Maybe I fall in the latter one!

What about you?

These people choose to live life by carrying all the weight of these negative and powerful feelings. They do their daily life work just like a normal person does-with or without a smile on their face or spark in their eyes, even when they are burdened with the weight of “Negative emotions-feelings”.

It’s not easy to forgive and forget someone who has hurt you in the past. But you can try and so can I.

It’s a great feeling when you finally let go of this burden that you have been carrying for so many weeks, months or even years! That’s the day you will actually experience the freedom!

Maybe it’s worth a try.

To live a life we once imagined- Free from everything!

Thank you!





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