­Unpredictable is one of the very few words in English dictionary which actually makes me nervous, more than the word “Nervous” itself.

And you have every right to ask me “WHY?”!

Well, because I don’t know what’s going to happen next and being a human, I love to see the future, plan it according to myself, control the situations and sometimes people too-so that every thing goes according to the plan-My plan.

Sounds familiar, right?

That’s just you talking.

Anyway, I gave you my definition of the word Unpredictable. Want some examples?

Sure- here they are.

1- We

2- Our life

Trust me when I say this. One of the “Not-so-cool” qualities of humans is- They are UNPREDICTABLE. And that includes me as well.

And certainly is your life. You do have future plans or plans for tomorrow but you don’t even know what’s going to happen in the next moment? Do you?

However, I will only talk about “US”, in this article.

You see-One of the greatest qualities we all have is- the ability to think and decide for ourselves which further gives us one of the worst qualities- Unpredictability.

I can’t predict you. You can’t predict me.

And maybe this is the reason- People fight with each other, relations die, friendships end.

I am not being negative, realistic maybe.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have invested with a particular person, memories you have made or fun you have had together- Anyone can leave you anytime. All those promises, commitments will mean nothing that day.

It was going well and then you don’t know what happened and it was over. A good way to describe unpredictability of humans.

As far as I know- Unpredictability is something which makes you mysterious but at the same time, makes you way too dangerous.

Unpredictable, scary as shit.

This is not a “How to overcome” post so apologies if you were expecting it to be.

Still, few guidelines- though how negative it may sound-

  • Invest your time wisely with anyone
  • Choose your friends with utmost precautions

Because you never know how ugly unpredictability can get. 

Thank you!



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