Yes. You saw it right. I should be sleeping. That’s what I say to myself-not once in a week, not thrice in a week-I say this every day. And I know, even you say this too.

But why do we say like that? Is it because of too much consumption of caffeine? Is it the excitement and fun of a hostel life for a college student or the constant chatter of family members in the adjacent room-if you live in a joint family? There could be many reasons for you or me, not sleeping at the time when we should be.

Did you notice anything? There is one similarity in all the above mentioned reasons- they all are external factors or say something which is related to the outside environment. Maybe, it’s more about the Internal factors involved.

So what really it is that keeps you and me awake even after we have spent good enough time lying on bed?

Our Thinking.

Now don’t get me wrong. Thinking is a good habit and essential for one’s growth and decision making ability but things get rough when we add “Over” before it- Overthinking

It’s one of the greatest issues which is not visible in the physical world and yet has a terrible impact on you. Your mind has a great ability to overthink. To over analyze things. It doesn’t really matter how physically exhausted you are-it’s always working-either for you or against you!

It can take you right from this moment to a memory-good or not-some 5 years back or even 10 years-within seconds. You won’t even have to think harder or recall something which reminds you of that incident. And once you are back in that time, time passes by. And when you are finally going to sleep, it’s already AM in the clock.

We humans have a soft corner for this thing called Control. We literally want to control everything-want every situation/circumstance to be in our favor-but nothing comes easy in this world. So, to gain that Power to control our situation/people-we start to think deeply-covering every inch of the ground- viewing the same situation from thousands perspectives. How foolish of us! We really think predicting the future situations, altering the decisions will turn our fantasy world into reality!

I am not a Superhuman and neither are you. And that’s why I am writing this post and you are reading it.

Because we both want to break this habit of Overthinking. It’s not worth it-Not our sleep.

From academics related projects, to the common issues people have with each other, financial stuff, job worries, health related problems-you name it. Figuring out everything-that’s what we all do! Even while typing this line- I can feel the heaviness in my head.

Love for control is entirely a different topic which cannot be ignored and so I will be sharing my views on it, separately.

Every night I think of all that above mentioned stuff-just like you and get tired, frustrated and drained. With heavy eyelids and a negative mindset, I fall asleep.

That’s how my nights usually are and so are yours.


And frankly speaking, I haven’t found a solution to it-Not the ones you are expecting me which will give you 200% results.

But surely, I am going to suggest some ways which might prove to be of some benefits to you-

  • Try hitting the bed asap. Now I used the word “Try” because I myself don’t follow this advice. Still, be a good boy/girl and at least TRY! 😛

We all are so good in giving advises to each other but so terribly bad when it comes to implementing them ourself!

  • Now get this thing clearly. There is no neutral ground here. Either you win or you learn. Either you are positive or negative. Either you feel or you don’t. So is the case with our brain. If you will keep yourself surrounded with good/positive people and books- your brain will work that way and not the other way around.
  • So try reading some good/favorite quotes or an inspiring Self-Help book, before you set your alarm for the next day! This will make you feel good and when you will be feel good, your mind will not wander here and there looking for a bad memory-unless you intentionally want to become sad and cry.
  • Listen to music. Once again, that’s your choice but try not to listen to those ones which remind you of something-not worth cherishing!
  • Do something which makes you feel good-gives you peace. For me, blogging is the way! In fact, writing itself is a great way to release the stuff that is in your head.

Well, surely these are not the ways-one would say “It took 100 of years of scientific research, experiments and analysis…” 😛

But yes how silly they may sound-They are simple and realistic.

Overthinking is nothing but a way to get mentally tired and exhausted without actually doing something. Next time, whenever you feel like you are about to go into Overthinking mode, try these solutions and see how this works for you. If you have any other way to deal with overthinking, feel free to comment below.

Thank you!




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