What is holding you back?

Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you living the life of your dreams? The one you always wanted to. I guess, most of the people would say NO! Including the author of this post- at least I am trying to.

You see, there are few questions you should really ask yourself on daily basis. Why? Because these questions help you in staying on the right track. They make sure you are LIVING life and not merely existing. There is a fine difference between LIVING and EXISTING. Similarly, between “I am Perfect” and “I am Okay. You know this too. Deep inside, maybe.

You might say- I want to but I can’t. And then you will give me so many reasons or say excuses. Won’t you?! And those are things which are holding you back!

Have you ever walked on a road by dragging your feet? Playfully, maybe! 😛 If you have, then you should know this simple fact-It takes much more strength to walk like that than to walk normally!



And even when you know this simple fact, you choose to live life that way. With things pulling you down, draining your energy at every step and making you tired and exhausted. Is that how you are supposed to live life? Especially if you are in your 20s, ASK YOURSELF!

Factors like these stop you from using your potential to the maximum and basically, they stop you from achieving things you once wanted to.

Now let’s think and find out what these factors really are?!

  1. Fear of failure
  2. Fear of Rejection
  3. Fear of being mocked
  4. Fear of public speaking
  5. Unworthy attachments to people/things
  6. Responsibilities towards family, society and friends
  7. Sacrifice of comfort zone
  8. Low self esteem/confidence/self worth
  9. Fear of Unknown

These are some reasons I think play a big role in holding you or say Us back. Of course there maybe few more, depending on the situation, varying from person to person. One thing to note is, most of them are interconnected like failing due to fear of public speaking.

Now I am not going to talk about all those factors, now. Of course I will, but in upcoming posts.

Right now, your job was to identify those “holding back factors” and you succeeded in it.

Just forget everything now. Take a pen and piece of paper. Write down your goals, desires/dreams-Whatever it is.

Maybe you want to start your blog or publish your first eBook. Maybe you want to travel alone or with friends to some other part of the world. Maybe you want to become the best in your profession. Maybe you want to visit the 7 wonders of the world before turning 35. Maybe you want to earn XX.XX amount of money by the age of 30. Whatever it is, think of all the things you really want to do/achieve in life and pen it down.

You see- Our conception of “My Happy Life” is- restricted to getting grades in school<college<stable job<family.

And this is how we live life or say are supposed to live life.

Now before you judge me, I want to add something- Okay. I get it. These things are essential in life but what about you?

No matter what anyone says-in the end, it’s your life. We all have some dreams, some goals, some things we all want to achieve not for anyone else, not for survival but because we want to. Things which might not fall or get aligned with that “above mentioned order” but pursuing them and achieving them is what we really want to. Because we want to experience that feeling of overflowing happiness and joy and confidence- of having achieved something!

So yeah, break the barriers.

The life you would want to live when no one would question you or criticize you for anything!

That’s the life I am talking about.

I am not asking you to become selfish. Or self-centered. All I am asking you is to live a life with balance.

Stop waiting for “perfect moments” or “perfect opportunities”

Go and find them. If you can’t, Create them. 😉


You are more than what you think. Stop being at mercy of others’ actions and behavior.

The moment you will get rid of those pulling down factors, that’s the day you will start living your life freely. Even I have to get rid of them and I am working on it.

The “one of the greatest mistakes” we all commit is- We tie our lives to people. Of course we are human beings and craving for attention and care is normal for us. But you should set your limits.


What to do now?

  • Think of all the areas/spheres where you want to move ahead/progress or achieve something.

  • Think of all the reasons why you are unable to grow in that particular area.

  • Let’s say you wanted to take part in a debate competition but you could not. Why? Fear of public speaking/ Stage fear/ Low self-esteem/self-confidence. I am not asking you to do some high level thinking. All I want you to do is pick daily life situations and then find the root cause of your inability to do a certain thing.

  • Once you have identified it. Start working on it. Day by day. Keep a record of your progress.

  • You can apply the same procedure everywhere-whatever the factor be.

So, go out now! Live your life! Laugh! Write! Do anything that makes you happy. Writing for you all, makes me so. 🙂

Sharing is Caring! 😉

Thank you!

Image Credits: Google images.


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