­Unpredictable is one of the very few words in English dictionary which actually makes me nervous, more than the word “Nervous” itself.

And you have every right to ask me “WHY?”!

Well, because I don’t know what’s going to happen next and being a human, I love to see the future, plan it according to myself, control the situations and sometimes people too-so that every thing goes according to the plan-My plan.

Sounds familiar, right?

That’s just you talking.

Anyway, I gave you my definition of the word Unpredictable. Want some examples?

Sure- here they are.

1- We

2- Our life

Trust me when I say this. One of the “Not-so-cool” qualities of humans is- They are UNPREDICTABLE. And that includes me as well.

And certainly is your life. You do have future plans or plans for tomorrow but you don’t even know what’s going to happen in the next moment? Do you?

However, I will only talk about “US”, in this article.

You see-One of the greatest qualities we all have is- the ability to think and decide for ourselves which further gives us one of the worst qualities- Unpredictability.

I can’t predict you. You can’t predict me.

And maybe this is the reason- People fight with each other, relations die, friendships end.

I am not being negative, realistic maybe.

It doesn’t matter how much time you have invested with a particular person, memories you have made or fun you have had together- Anyone can leave you anytime. All those promises, commitments will mean nothing that day.

It was going well and then you don’t know what happened and it was over. A good way to describe unpredictability of humans.

As far as I know- Unpredictability is something which makes you mysterious but at the same time, makes you way too dangerous.

Unpredictable, scary as shit.

This is not a “How to overcome” post so apologies if you were expecting it to be.

Still, few guidelines- though how negative it may sound-

  • Invest your time wisely with anyone
  • Choose your friends with utmost precautions

Because you never know how ugly unpredictability can get. 

Thank you!





The inability to take a decision or in simple terms, the inability to choose between given options is- Confusion.

Sometimes, it also means unsurety about life or the events happening around us.

Most of us, live our lives in confusion. It’s very rare when you are crystal clear about your dreams, your goals, your values, your life principles and your direction in life.

We often hear statements like this- “He is such a confused guy” or “She looks confused”. It’s very easy to say stuff like that for somebody else. But what about you? Are your goals clear? What about your career plans? What about your values?


Anyway, confusion is not a very good trait as well all know. Mainly, because a confused person will always say NO to an offer, an opportunity-a chance to grow just because he is not sure(confused) and so he chooses to remain in his shell-the familiar comfort area-or call it “Playing it safe”.

So, what really causes confusion is in the first place?

There are many reasons like-

1- Lack of Self Confidence– A person who has low or zero confidence in himself will never ever be able to take his own decisions. Hence when confronted with a choice-he will always ask for help.

2- Lack of Awareness– A person who is not fully aware of his surroundings/environment/trends/general stuff will get confused when something related to this will come up. Reason being he has no knowledge of what’s good for him and what’s not-He too will ask for help from others’.

3- Bad Past Experience– Suppose a person took a wrong decision in the past related to xyz thing, now the next time when he will face any query related to that “xyz”, he will get scared and naturally, seek help from others’.

4- Doesn’t really know himself– This is crucial from overall growth point of view. Since a person who is not aware of his strength, weakness, his needs will never ever be able to take his own decisions.

These are some 4 reasons which lead to Confusion in day-to-day life.

Now how to find solution?

The first and foremost step towards facing confusion and gaining clarity is-TO SIT calmly in a peaceful environment. This is the most crucial step because unless your inner self is calm, you cannot look inside for solutions to your problems!

Once you are at peace with yourself, think about the situation and then think of the solutions.

Or if you know someone who gets confused at every point of time or is unable to take his own decisions, help him in removing all sorts of confusion from his life.

Thank you!



This word defines me so well.

Sometimes, I think most of my life problems are because of this only. My stubbornness.

Even you are stubborn. And I will prove it to you.

There are so many difficult things in this “complicated” life. So many dilemmas. But one of the most toughest decision you will ever make is- To decide whether to let go or hold onto someone.

Think about it. What I just wrote does not only apply to relations-friendships but to other spheres of life as well but here I will only discuss about the relations-friendship part.

Suppose there is a friend of yours who is not treating you properly, paying you attention and all that stuff which makes you feel unimportant. However, you still talk to that friend-because your friendship with that person-is true and real. You can’t or say don’t want to remove that friend from your life-Irrespective of how badly you get treated!

You have tried everything to change the way things are getting now but still nothing helps. You have had those way long conversations or say peace talks but nothing really helps! You get irritated or annoyed or say hurt and you block that friend from everywhere for a “temporary period”- Because you believe you can’t live without that friend.

When you get back to normal, all the heat and hurt gone, you start again. Thinking of the different ways to set everything right. But you fail-again and again.

Now the reason you fail again and again is not because you are not genuinely trying or giving 100%. It’s because you only have control over yourself-Not over situations or people.

Absorb this. It will take time but it’s worth it.

Now you see-You are stubborn too.

Stubborn because you are holding onto someone who doesn’t want to change or wants you to be a part of their life. For your betterment only, it would be best to let that “not-so-friendly” friend go but your stubbornness level is too high!

Remember: Friendships/Relations only work when there is equal contribution from both the sides. Because they are not “One-Person” thing.

I am not saying this is all so easy. All I am saying is, it’s one of the toughest things you will ever have to do but in the long run- It’s the right thing. Though the situation may vary from person to person but deep inside we all know- what’s right and what’s not!

So, the next time you tell someone “I am not stubborn”. Think before you speak because you might have faced situation like that at some point of time.

Thank you!



Daily Prompt: Complicated


Whenever I hear this word “Complicated”-the first thing that comes to my mind is a picture of a messy Web of negative and positive thoughts-with my inner peace stuck at center of the web.

And I am pretty sure-I am not the only one. There are thousands of people like me out there-stuck in almost same situation.

One of the most complicated thing you will ever hear about is-LIFE. Our Lives. And this is something we all tell each other. But the thing is if anyone is to blame for all the so called complications-it’s US.

As I said in my last post, we all are responsible for our life. So, whatever the choices you have made so far, decisions you have taken till now-right or wrong-if anyone is responsible then it’s You! 

And it really doesn’t matter how much you think about it or overthink about it or feel bad about all these complicated stuff-You stay stuck in this complicated life-unless of course you get up and decide to take charge of your life.

Accept the fact-Life is complicated or you have made it complicated. Now sit alone, take a piece of paper and think of all the areas where you think- “It’s complicated”.

Now if you can change the situation- change it. Take appropriate steps. Do not Rush. Have patience. Everything will fall into place-just do your best.

But, if the situation is beyond your control- then accept it. And get over it. It will surely take time. But life is too short to waste on complicated situations or on people.

Always try to simplify your life-no matter how old you are or where you are!

Hope it helps!

Thank you


How to stay motivated when dealing with Uncertainties in life?!

The featured image seems pretty cool, right?! Well, my sister clicked that one. And only after getting NOC from her, I am using one of her clicks as my featured image.Check them out!

Anyway, let’s talk business now. 😛

I was asked to write a post on this topic by a regular reader of my blog. And I am so grateful to him because this question is not just a normal question-it’s “THE QUESTION”.  A question we all have asked ourselves, our elders-advisors, looked up on google or in some inspiring self-help book.

We all are different and unique in our own way. But there is one similarity in all of us- We all have faced challenges/problems/setbacks in the past or are struggling with some right now. Sometimes, struggles/problems are not visible-Inner struggles.You may not know what struggle someone around you is going through.

So be careful, when you are about to judge them-for the way they are.

I have a question to ask. Have you ever wondered what makes life so interesting? If you would ask me, I’ll say-it’s Uncertainty in our life. I mean we homo sapiens have a tendency or habit of planning things ahead of time and trying our best to control situations and sometimes people –for our benefit. But when life throws you a curveball and all your planning and expectations go up in the air-then you realize how stupid you have been all this time. Wasted so much of time-thinking of this and that(future events) without realizing you were only setting yourself up for disappointments and a cycle of Regrets for wasting that “time”-when you could have enjoyed your life but you chose to do “future planning”.

You blame yourself, your luck and fate(if you believe in it) and mostly people around you. You get all irritated and frustrated. By the end of the day, you are emotionally drained, physically exhausted and mentally stressed. And you blame again and sleep off! New day, old Shit. And then begins this never-ending Cycle.

It was some months ago when I realized one of the biggest mistakes we all do is- To blame others-person or things. I mean okay. I get it. Someone has wronged you in the past, hurt you, did something really bad and stuff. But do you realize one thing?

Every time you blame a person/thing/luck/fate/destiny- You give away the power to change your present circumstances and life.



Time for some harsh truth?!

No one can assure you that you life will be all easy and smooth. And it will never be. Setbacks, problems, crisis will come-sooner or later.



It doesn’t matter how old are you or Where are you in life?! You have to take Responsibility of your Life. NO ONE will do a single favor for you unless that person is THE GODFATHER! 😛

It’s your responsibility to take charge of your life, your present circumstances, your happiness. By blaming someone else-you might get a temporary relief with a evil smile on your face but are you really looking for a temporary solution here? When you know life is not a rehearsal, it’s a movie with No cuts, No retakes. One shot and the moment is gone.

The only reason you get sad/depressed/annoyed/irritated/discouraged/broken when you face an adversity is because you give away the power to change your situation by getting involved in the blame game.


Life without adversity is like A rainbow without Rain or A Morning without night!

Nice lines na?! 😛

I know! Thanks! 😀

So now after seeing some reasons behind you staying stuck in a bad situation or problem, what to do now?!

Firstly, stop planning things way too ahead of time. Obviously, set goals and pursue them but don’t get discouraged or sad when you fail to achieve them.



Getting my point?!

Don’t waste your present moment in dwelling on past or worrying about future. Whatever you do in this very moment, just give your best so that when you go to bed at night, you don’t carry a bag of regrets!

I am not saying Planning is a waste of time and you shouldn’t have plans for your future-when life is full of uncertainties. If that’s the message you have received then I am guilty of Faulty communication and you of Selective listening! 😛

All I am saying is- Live in the present and be flexible. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Plans fail, things do fall apart but you always have a choice. You can choose the way you want to respond.

 Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Charles R. Swindoll

Now these are some small steps I usually follow to stay motivated when I am stuck or life gets way too uncertain-

  • Drink water and sit on a chair with your legs stretched- CHILL basically! 😛
  • Think of your situation as a temporary one because it is. No situation can define your life unless you allow it to do so.
  • Think of this as a challenge and find solutions and implement them straight away.
  • Even when someone has caused you some trouble- Take responsibility and do your best to come out of that situation. Mostly, what others do and how they treat you-has got little to do with you but more of their inner reflection. And of course there are some people who need to learn some lessons in life. They will. Someday!
  • Read good inspirational books/quotes- You can even write them and paste them on the wall of your room-so you don’t get distracted and get off the track.

ABSORB THIS- You are responsible for how you feel, act and your life. No one else.

Pro tip: Whenever you are analyzing something-your life, situation anything-try writing it down on a paper or in text document. It helps a lot and is much better than just sitting and thinking.

I hope you have gotten a fair idea of how to stay motivated and bounce back every time life knocks you down. Even though everyone has their way of dealing with things- I JUST SHARED MINE. Hope it helps. If you have anything to share, want to suggest some solutions- feel free to comment below.

Share this with your friends because You never know how helpful this post might become someday for someone.

Thank you!


What kind of Person are you?

I was just watching this Hindi movie “Company”(for some 4th time)- starring Ajay Devgan and Vivek Oberoi. It is based on the story of Mumbai Underworld. A crime thriller and one of my favorite as well.


Anyway, this is not a movie review and neither you are interested in listening about 14 year old “AMAZING-THRILLER-SUPERB” movie :P.

You are here because of any of the following reasons-

1- You want to know what this 20 year old guy has to share..


2- You are someone I already know and I have shamelessly requested to check out my new post.

Promoting your brand new blog isn’t a crime, right?! No time for “Maybe or maybe not”.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned this movie is because of one of the very famous dialogue by Ajay Devgan makes quite sense to me NOW!

“Har insaan ke andar ek rakshash hota hai … bas kuch log usse bahar nikaalne se darte nahi”

Translation: There is a devil inside everyone … it’s just that some people are not scared to embrace it.

Now I am trying my best not to get too carried away but just try to understand what I am going to say now.

We all have a good and bad person inside us. Call it god-evil, if you want to. Whatever it is- I believe it’s true. I mean you can’t be good all the time, or with everyone around you. Of course there are some very good and decent people around us who deserve to be treated with respect and love. But sometimes it’s like you only see that side of others-they want you to see. Posing themselves as your well wishers while deep inside they might be hitting you right on your face with something handy for the 20th time. And then there are some people who try their best to act good, think good, do good but they fail when it comes to “think good”. I am talking about those people who have a habit of falling prey to Negative thinking, Victim Mentality, Blaming luck and fate and others. I used to be one of them or maybe deep down I still am but the frequency of falling to this kind of thinking has reduced remarkably.

However, it might be possible that there are times when you hate yourself for thinking too negative or something despising. But you shouldn’t hate yourself for that. That’s not your fault. You can’t control 60k thoughts(approx 50k-70k thoughts you have per day-that’s what the internet says at least) that cross your mind but you do have the power to keep the good ones and let go of the bad ones.

All you have to do is-

1- Get aware

2-Calm your mind

3- Divert your mind and read some great self help books or listen to some good music-anything which changes the way you feel

Such a simple way to a simple life! So easy,right? 😛

I know I know Easier said than done.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what kind of person you are. Good or bad. Positive or Negative. Optimist or Pessimist. You should be really happy. You are not alone-there are so many people like you out there-even the author of this post! And that was the main point behind me starting this blog. Sharing stuff, the way we all often feel and trying to change each others’ life by becoming the change we all want to see in others.

Trying not to go in deep, all I can say is if you are someone who often thinks negatively or complains a lot or bangs their fist when something doesn’t goes as planned-You are at the right place. This is where you are supposed to be right now. Sitting right in front of your laptop/mobile/tablet and reading this line in BOLD ITALIC. This is “THE MOMENT” you have to be in-Not dwelling on the past or worrying about future. Hope you are appreciating the importance of this moment. In case you are not, umm..Poor you. Lol!

If you’re currently struggling in life and don’t know how to express your feelings then this is the place you need to be, for we will work together and we will work it out. And if you’re living the perfect life you imagined then well you can still visit this blog and help others because anyway it’s a good habit to make someone happy. And by the way each and every view/comment/share-makes me happy 😛

Enough of sugary stuff.


Let’s get to the conclusion: Accept yourself. The way you are. Because you can’t overcome something you refuse to confront.Remember that!

However, there are things you really can’t change even if you choose to confront like Confronting the teacher after you have given wrong answer with full confidence and enthusiasm-won’t make you less dumb in front of her 😛

More articles on the way. If you want me to share my views(general) or write on any topic of your choice, you can comment below.

p.s- I hope you do appreciate the way I started talking about the movie “Company” and ended up talking about your thoughts. That’s cool, right?!

Just in case you didn’t know-

Sharing is Caring!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Hey there…

Welcome to my world!

Well, that ain’t a bad way to start your first blog post, right? Or maybe it is. I don’t know. I am not a guy with some “Amazing essay/article writing skills” or “Winner of all those great writing skills competitions” we all have participated in school life. I am someone who you would call: A Normal-Random guy. Someone who is like you, not from the outside but from the inside. I am someone who has mastered the Art of Overthinking. I am someone who has got so much to say, share but always chooses to stay silent. And there are so many people like me out there. People might take me as a fool or someone who knows nothing like Jon Snow(You know nothing Jon Snow)-sorry for the unexpected humor. Anyway, thing is just because we don’t say stuff or choose to keep our mouths shut, doesn’t mean we don’t notice everything that is around us. Of course, there are people who have got nothing to do with others and they are the ones who make me wonder “Is that really possible?” I mean that degree of Detachment from people and situations is simply Weird. “Amazing” wouldn’t fit here that well. We all have something to tell, to share with others-good or not. The reason I have started this journey is because I want to share with you all that “Higher Self stuff”. It doesn’t matter which part of world you belong to as long as you are a human like me! We all go through the same emotions- though the way we look at things might differ from person to person and that’s what makes life interesting. Isn’t it? In the end, it’s all a matter of the way we perceive things and situations. The more you go deep inside yourself and find who you really are-the more aware you become and the cycle of “Happy Realization” gets started. That’s enough for a first post, right? Well, that is.

Happy Introspection!